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Q How much will my tattoo cost?

Tattoos are priced based on size, detail and body location. Or visit the shop during regular business hours.

Q What is your minimum price for a tattoo?

The minimum charge is £60 so could be £60 +.

Q How can I book a tattoo appointment?

Unfortunately we are unable to give quotes over the phone. You will need to come in and discuss your tattoo, at which point we will be in a position to give you an approximate quote

Q Can I cancel or change my appointment?

Yes, but we require a minimum of 48 hours notice. If you cancel your appointment you will lose your deposit.


Q How old do you have to be to get tattooed?

18. NO EXCEPTIONS! (no notes, no “what if my parent comes with me”, NO EXCEPTIONS!)

Q Do you take walk-ins?

Yup! We have walk in time almost every day and it is booked on a first come, first served basis.

Q Why is there a minimum price for a tattoo?

The minimum price for a tattoo covers the supplies the artist is using as well as contributes to the facility and staff it takes to run the shop.

Q Does it hurt?

Not as much as a broken heart.


Q Do you do white ink tattoos?

We will tattoo you in white ink, however we strongly advise against it. White ink has the tenancy to turn yellow over time. Another thing that can happen is the ink from the blue tattoo stencil can sometimes go into your skin with the white ink causing small blue dots to remain in your tattoo. Just get it in black. You will be a lot happier in 3 years.

Q If three of us want a tattoo is their a discount?

No. We don’t do discounts, deals or two-fors. Just reasonable priced quality tattoos.

Q Do you accept credit/debit cards?

No, we accept cash only.

Q Can I bring friends with me to my appointment?

We don’t recommend bringing groups of friends along. We have limited space and our reception area is to accommodate clients waiting on appointments and those making bookings. Friends will not be permitted into the tattooing area and they can be a distraction and disruptive to the process