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Meet The Crew

Gino Angelov

Gino Angelov

My personal preference is drawing skulls, demonic, creepy creatures combined with Japanese water and wind bars, floral designs, fine line work, dark art and romantic dynamic compositions. Large piece and Japanese full body suits.

Gino Angelov graduated from technical school with fashion design while at the same time taking classes in drawing. Influenced and inspired by the Heavy Metal culture  in 1996 Gino started tattooing in his hometown Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. There he was tattooing and redrawing album artwork of Wasp, Slayer, Biohazard, Type O Negative. Recreating and redesigning  handmade tattoo machines,  t-shirts, artwork and various merchandise.

Later he continued his art education by graduating from National Academy of Arts in Sofia as a specialist in Industrial arts – China and Glass – materials whose processing requires a high degree of precision and patience.

During the course of his study he also focused on sculpture, decoration and aesthetics – knowledge that made him perceive things deeper. It gave him  the sensibility needed which he later applied in his tattoo works.


The following years of travel, life and work in Germany gave him the chance to meet some of the brightest names of the European tattoo scene.

It was until 1998 when he came upon the artwork of Filip Leu. He went through years of practise to understand the magic of his style, how he builds the design with precision and lightness. It was not until much later when Filip decorated his body and gave him some of the most valuable advices which helped him polish his style and improve the accuracy and sharpness of his works.

His numerous trips to Asia enhanced his interest in Japanese Tattoo style, Thai techniques , Indian decoration and the astonishing and powerful Himalayan art.


Gino has worked over 8 years in Soho. This vibrant part London and meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds enables him to enrich and expand his knowledge in tattoo art. His independent projects range from album artwork for various underground heavy metal and hardcore bands to conceptual design works for rock bars.

His personal preference in drawing are skulls, demonic, creepy creatures combined with Japanese water and wind bars, floral designs, fine line work, dark art and romantic dynamic compositions.


Art is food for the soul.


Rumen Angelov

Rumen Angelov

Rumen Angelov started tattooing back in the late 90’s while attending drawing courses of well-known contemporary Bulgarian artists. During that period he mastered all styles in classical drawing – from geometrical compositions and

dead nature to landscapes and portraits.

In those early years the heavy metal culture was his inspiration and he was strongly influenced by bands like Biohazard, Sepultura, Machine Head, Testament etc. These were the first guiding light for his development as a tattoo artist.

He opened his first tattoo shop in his hometown of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.

At that time it was not very popular to have a tattoo and

most of the customers were heavy metal guys.

It was not until a couple of years later when he decided to travel and work abroad where he could share knowledge and experience with the best tattoo artist in Europe. After working in various studios in Germany, Spain and Cyprus he moved to London in 2007. There he continued his art classes with the London Arts Academy. He attended many tattoo conventions and always found some new inspiration and ideas he could put in practise to improve his work.

He feels really privileged not only to have a tattoo from Filip Leu but also to have the chance to meet him personally and learn from his vast experience and talent.

Rumen`s personal preferences are black and gray tattoos, large colourful pieces and exquisite exotic flowers and floral motifs. The tattoos must be good at size and as long as they are clean and simplified they will still look great after 10 – 20 years. Good example are tribal tattoos when they are done with accuracy and precision.

Since 2011 Rumen was worked in Soho for 5 years.